residential drywall needs
residential drywall needs


Shawn Cepeda

Owner/ President

Creed: “to do better in our lives and provide for our families comes with hard work and diligence and attention to detail.”

Mr. Cepeda has strived to live by this creed and in doing it has also provided hundreds of employees and other workers and their families with success too. Mr. Cepeda continually stays in contact with the detailed operations of his companies on a daily basis. His employees range from skilled workers for drywall services, framing, concrete, plumbing, painting, granite, and trash, to a variety of other services. Mr. Cepeda has also incorporated a pay system that provides higher pay rates than any other competing companies and with this, he has been able to provide the labor and crews needed to meet the demand of a successful business. As such, he has a highly motivated work force to rely on for quality and service.

The Team

12 Area Supervisors

Mr. Cepeda employs 8 area supervisors for the Houston area and 4 area supervisors for Dallas. The supervisors can oversee as many as 50 workers for their respective areas in all of the trades. Mr. Cepeda understands that it's just not one person that makes a company, it's a team, and the efforts of everyone together is what makes it happen. Our supervisors have all been in the business for over 10 years and each one has hands on experience in the field. They are able to go to any job and create a solution for almost every problem that might arise in drywall, framing, plumbing, granite, paint and trash services. Each Supervisor strives to take care of their builders and projects in a timely manner and communicates the status of each job they oversee daily.

Office Staff

The 5 person Houston office staff is an invaluable asset to Cepeda. They handle all telephone calls, schedule jobs and service and handle the accounting functions in conjunction with a full time CPA. Not only do they provide these invaluable services to the company they also are in contact with all customers and direct operations of the company day to day. Each one is constantly updated on their training with new software like supply pro and textura and provide a nerve center of information. Moreover, and similarly, the 3 person office staff in Dallas performs the same duties and coordinates with the Houston office for greater efficiency.